3 Tips to Reduce Menstrual Pain

3 Tips to Reduce Menstrual Pain

More than 60% of women’s are suffering from menstrual cramps, some women’s will have mild pain and some have severe pain. Here is one small tip which will help to reduce stomach pain during your period.

First will understand why a menstrual cramp occurs?

It may occur due to


2.Excessive Jung Foods

3.Excessive intake of oily food

4.Ovarian Cyst


And many more

Here are the best tips which help to reduce your menstrual pain

TIP 1: Elaichi Bananas (yelakki banana) with Asafoetida (Hing or Ingu)

Early morning getting from your bed take one Elaichi Bananas and cut it in the middle as shown as below.

And take Asafoetida and fry it in Ghee for 2 to 3 minute until it turns a brown color

Then take a banana which already cut.

Put Asafoetida in the middle portion of banana where you have cut.

And eat 1 or 2 banana with empty stomach

Repeat it until your periods get over

TIP 2: Use Heating Pads

Heating pad will help you to relieve period pain. Whenever you feel stomach pain just keep heating pad on your stomach until you feel relive.

TIP 3: Avoid Jung food and oily food

Especially during your periods time avoid Jung foods, oily foods and salty foods. Try to eat more fruits and drink more water.

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